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Mood swings in weather can leave your home's plumbing at risk. Being prepared for cold snaps where temperatures drop below freezing can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair bills. Here are some common potential issues where an ounce of prevention and awareness can help prevent serious damage:
Failing hot water systems are a common problem during long periods of cold weather. Statistically, water heater issues are one of the top reasons plumbers are called into action yearly, let alone during long periods of freezing conditions. You can make sure your water heater’s temperature is set high enough. Additionally, if you have a gas water heater with a pilot light, always make sure the pilot light is lit. If, however you are still not able to produce adequate hot water, you will want to contact your plumber. For best results, Brother’s Plumbing recommends having your hot water heater serviced prior to winter months.
Frozen pipes are common household occurrences. This is caused by high pressure from the main line combined with freezing temperatures. The obvious giveaway is restricted water flow. If you notice a decrease in water flow, you will want to act fast. Preventative measures include leaving a water tap on to drip slowly allowing a flow of water through the pipes. You can also ensure that water hoses are disconnected from outside faucets and cover your outdoor faucets with insulated jackets.
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