Our Expert Technicians Based in Greer, SC

As a company, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers that are based on trust, honesty, excellence, respect and service. Which is why we have committed ourselves to offer prompt and reliable service at an affordable price and why we 100% stand behind the work that we do.
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From our owners, to our office staff, to each of our service technicians and installers - At Brothers, we're a family, and it's our goal to treat each and every customer like family as well.


We have the experience, personnel, and resources to meet all of your Plumbing, HVAC, and Electric needs. We can ensure a job is done right and on time.


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.

Our 24/7 hours mean that emergencies are dealt with in a timely manner. Anytime, day or night.


Our Team

Mike - about in Greer, SC
Mike Lamb

Chris - about in Greer, SC
Chris Berry

Cody - about in Greer, SC
Cody Lollis

Jerry - about in Greer, SC
Jerry Hall

Adam - about in Greer, SC
Adam Eby

Randy - about in Greer, SC
Randy Lavoie

Dana - about in Greer, SC
Dana Simonsen

Tyler - about in Greer, SC
Tyler Corwin

Cheri - about in Greer, SC
Cheri Krzywozycki

Beka - about in Greer, SC
Beka Dean